Sunday, 26 April 2015

Final Work Showcase 10 (Yellow and White Gold Crown Ring)

A ring fit for any princess.

Pave set black and white cubic zirconias are accentuated by fine engraving and millgraine to create a truly royal effect in this ring designed to look like a crown. 

The green stone is also an synthetic cubic zirconia but is perfectly complimented by the yellow and white gold. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Work Stages (Rings before the Stones are Set)

It is sometimes interesting for my clients to see the process of making jewellery with all its many steps to completion. As the process continues one reaches the stage where the ring is completely constructed but the stones have not been set into the metal. In fine jewellery the stones are not glued but set. This means that parts of the metal is literally bent over the stone to hold it in place. The following photos will show you the rings before setting, which is followed by the ring completely set and final polished. 

18ct White Gold Ring with constructed basket claw settings prepared to receive Diamonds.

Final result. 

A Silver Ring prepared with a four claw box setting for an emerald cut Green Quartz.


Platinum cluster setting ready to receive its Diamonds. Notice the large amount of claws prepared round the center part. These are to hold both the central stone and to serve as the back braces on the outside rim of stones.

The spectacular result. 

9ct Yellow Gold and Silver Ring with tube settings and pavé setting flat drilled sections. 

The pavé sections can be appreciated in comparison to the tube settings. 

Filed claw settings are rendered directly into the solid 18ct Gold for this ring. Four claws were then added to set the central stone in as well. 

The final result makes the process clearer to the untrained eye.