Monday, 4 November 2013

Final Work Showcase 2 (Liz Loubser Exhibition Earrings)

I was invited to take part in this exhibit. I'd like to thank Liz Loubser and her team for this awesome opportunity and exposure. 

These were my entry named "Bubbles", after my mom's nickname, for obvious reasons. beads wear strung on copper wire to create the top and bottom components, then cast in solid silver. They were joined by loose hanging ball chain and a pin with butterfly catches added at the back of the top. They hang at approximately 6cm. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Final Work Showcase 1 (White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring)

In these posts I will merely feature individual pieces that I think exemplify my talent best. 

9ct White Gold Engagement Ring set with Diamonds. 

Work Classification (Poetry)

Yes, I do write poetry but I do not consider it to be a phenomenon.

From the child in me to the child in you

I drove past your house
I did everyday
I asked my driver to stop
I wanted to play

He knocked on your door
Your parents weren't home
You never answered
And left me alone

I drove past your house
I did every day
I stopped my own car
Wondered what you would say

I sent you a message
You sent me one back
Your girlfriend was there
I returned to my track

I drove past your house
Perchance this time round
I looked down the driveway
Remembering old sounds

I thought and I cried
I miss my old friends
I hoped they were well
As it all had to end

I do however consider myself to be a good creative writer/storyteller. That Is where my "doll" blog comes in as a massive fairy tale that I love to write and share. 

Check it out for yourself.