Sunday, 3 November 2013

Work Classification (Poetry)

Yes, I do write poetry but I do not consider it to be a phenomenon.

From the child in me to the child in you

I drove past your house
I did everyday
I asked my driver to stop
I wanted to play

He knocked on your door
Your parents weren't home
You never answered
And left me alone

I drove past your house
I did every day
I stopped my own car
Wondered what you would say

I sent you a message
You sent me one back
Your girlfriend was there
I returned to my track

I drove past your house
Perchance this time round
I looked down the driveway
Remembering old sounds

I thought and I cried
I miss my old friends
I hoped they were well
As it all had to end

I do however consider myself to be a good creative writer/storyteller. That Is where my "doll" blog comes in as a massive fairy tale that I love to write and share. 

Check it out for yourself.

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