Monday, 9 September 2013

Work Classification (Illustration Art)

I do not consider myself an artist or fine artist, I think of myself as an illustrator and that three main fields of illustration exist. Let us look at the three as I have explored it through the years.

First we have the obvious field of illustrating what exists in the physical. This is merely a copy or representation of something recognizable from what we see daily. 

One of the first things we ever draw as kids, is a tree. Obvious in its simplicity and clearly from the physical world. 
I have done some work for educational books where basic sketches of existing concepts are needed to explain life skills or other principles. 

We might not see a skull every day but it exists and can be "copied" easily in an artistic illustration. 

The physical world around us abounds with inspiring topics to illustrate from the the mundane.... the passionately exciting. Often the more inspired the artist feels, the more glorious the final work might be. 

Second we have a slightly more abstract field of illustration. However this field of illustrating moods and atmospheres is still something recognizable to a degree. This field may seems to deal with the obvious as it may contain, faces or poses that are clear to the eye while it depicts a mood but it also uses abstract concepts of artist techniques like line or colour to emphasize the atmosphere. 

This pencil drawing clearly illustrates a frustrated anger with perhaps some arrogance also present. The face is recognizable but the stark tones and aggressive use of line add to the overall idea. It clearly also touches on a masculine expression rather than feminine and perhaps an older rather than a younger look.

Despair as a mood and state of mind is what is being illustrated here. It may be successful or not. What do you see? The balance between the obvious and the emotion can be a precarious one. The monochrome use of purple seeks to emphasize the depressed mood. 

Thirdly we attempt to reach into the entirely abstract or conceptual but may still use recognizable elements to illustrate sometime entirely fanciful ideas. Illustrating ideas, ideals and concepts that do not exist in the physical but affects or inspire the viewer is what the main goal is here. Take note in the following pictures what you recognize visibly but also seek to "see" what you do not see or recognize visually but rather emotionally. These kind of illustrations may even entirely neglect to depict anything in the physical reality, no objects or forms but may just use colour or lines to evoke a feeling. Even though jewellery manufacture is my bread and butter, I would consider this aspect of my skill set to be my most skillful talent. Ironically, it is this skill that allows me to conceptualize designs out of thin air, from the abstract reaches of my mind and to put it down on paper in order to stimulate a client emotionally and visually in order to create what they will enjoy. 

This water colour picture seeks to express a specific person's personality unfettered by the restrictions of worldly expectations and limitations. She is sporty, physically fit, exuberant yet pensive and dedicated. She needs to trust her heart and not what she thinks she sees. The picture attempts to illustrate that. 

This acrylic painting has the purpose of overwhelming the viewer with a cautious but explosive commission of inspiration. If God had to manifest and tell you who you are, this image would appear in the mirror to remind you of where you come from and where you should go. 

The time is right, the time is now, the time is running out, the time is up. Forever in a moment. This is to depict the relationship of our free will in an uncontrollable universe. Our structured limited time versus the eternal singularity. We choose where and how we live in this relationship. Pencil and water colour combine to create the effect of separation yet being a part of the whole. 

This is a pen and ink drawing of an angel, if ever there was one. 

This started as a rough sketch in pen and then was taken further in Microsoft Paint. It is very effective to combine and mix media to gain interesting results. This is very abstract but still allows for the recognition of spirals, and ultimately a Rose. Above all the picture is to draw the viewer in almost like an invitation to a dance, an eternal dance. Everything living, spirals on a microscopic level. Our DNA spirals, plants screw out of the ground very slowly. This picture seeks to capture that eternal, spiral dance of life. 

It deeply fascinates me how an artist can conceive of something that does not exist but through recognizable components and the skill of drawing can convey that non existent concept to somebody who has never seen anything like it as a reference. So also a message is transferred from one individual to another. I consider it great power to be able to reach into another's mind and to leave a picture/though there. 

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