Monday, 19 May 2014

Work Stages (Progression of Digital Art Painting)

I love tiaras and drawing or even better making them, is my passion. Sometimes the inspiration takes me and before I know it I have doodled a concept design for a tiara. If the design inspires me further I may continue the picture but digital methods often lend themselves to experimentation.

This swan inspired tiara was begun in pencil and then taken further in Microsoft Paint (with a mouse). 

I printed out my previous digital doodle, drew on it some more with pen and then re-imported it into Microsoft Paint and continued further also adding more facial features. 

The earring and necklace design was then also roughly sketched on paper with the intent on copy and pasting it onto the developing art work. 

With the earring added the rest of the detail and facial features were to be taken to the max in digital only. 

Progression in the face and stones. 

This was the final result with the intent of adding a different necklace than the original design idea. 

The alternate necklace design ended up being a choker and with the addition of a fur detail finished my inspired painting in Microsoft Paint. 

Perhaps the original necklace concept may become part of a new digital painting....

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