Sunday, 18 August 2013

Media (Acrylic Paint 1)

This medium I do not like but out of all the paint-on-canvas disciplines I prefer it the most. I enjoy the fact that it dries quickly but I don't enjoy painting in reality, I prefer applying that skill in digital. I think my skill in this medium is far from the being a fine artist but does still lend itself to comic book style and mural art. 

Obviously one never just sketches in paint on canvas as the medium is far to expensive so after pre-sketching in other media one does a final work in acrylic.

You are the Painting, Acrylic on canvas 1.2m by 1.0m

God Paints with Fire, Acrylic on canvas 1.3m by 1.0m

 Soccer Strike, Acrylic on canvas 1.0m by 1.3m

Dance in the River, Acrylic on hardboard 1.5m by 1.0m

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