Thursday, 15 August 2013

Media (Marker Pens 1)

The faster I can draw the better. I like being able to communicate a concept or idea through drawing but being able to doe it accurately and quickly is very important. Marker Pens gives the clear definition of Pen and Ink coupled with a speed that surpasses Water Colour. 

Again it works well for initial concept sketching and can by itself or combined with other media, allow for a completed work of art or design rendering. 

Markers combined with some ball point pen it goes a long way for putting down a 40sec concept. 

Only markers with the addition of very little fine liners give a very effective outcome and can take all but a few minutes. 

With a more controlled application of the markers combined with fine liners the effect comes closer to an actual rendering rather than just a concept drawing. This two can take up to 10min to complete. 

Works amazingly well for quick jewellery concept sketches. 

Combined with pen for a quick jewellery design sketch meant for a client. 

Works equally well for any quick concept design like clothing design.

The markers used in this sketch were of the cheap "made-for-kids" type and combined with fine liner and a bit of pencil for a great effect. 

It's easy to imagine how far marker pens can take you toward what would be considered a completed art work. 

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