Thursday, 15 August 2013

Media (Pen and Ink 1)

Now here is a medium that is not for the faint hearted. Its unforgiving, sharp and precise and there is no turning back or "blending-in"of mistakes. I absolutely love the uncompromising confidence it requires and inspires once successfully applied. 

For quick client design concept sketches ball point ink pens work well especially when more than one colour is used. 

Quick and very clear sketches make it easy for a client to understand the design. 

A high level of detail is possible on even a mere concept sketch like with this tiara design done entirely in ball point pen. 

You can imagine the confidence to work in pen as mistakes cannot be erased especially while a client might be watching. 

When it comes to art, pen and ink allow for anything from rough concept sketches to extremely time consuming final works of art. 

A quick unicorn head drawn in pen.

A doodled sketch of an eye. 

A more "developed" design sketch for a cyborg arm. 

A skull concept. 

To complete a drawing like this A3 viper entirely in ball point pen takes several hours of dedicated "scribbling". 

Pen and Ink as a medium is one of my favourites.

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