Friday, 16 August 2013

Media (Pencil 1)

This very old worldly and traditional medium has for centuries been used as the mainstay for sketching. Sketching on quick concepts and for completing what can definitely be seen as final works of art is accepted in this medium. It is forgiving due to being erasable, it's subtle and bold. It works well for beginners and the extremely adept. 

It's rare that I do concept art or pre-sketches in pencil. Seeing as these are never final works, mistakes are irrelevant and as such pencil is too "boring". Still here was a "pose" sketch done in pencil. 

These design concepts for hair pins are probably the only concepts I have ever drawn in pencil for jewellery. These have also been digitally edited. 

Greater detail is clear in this one. 

Great emotional dynamic can be gained through the use of pencil's shading qualities. 

Pencil can be very inspiring to work with and allows for extreme detail. 

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