Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Work Stages (Concept Development 1)

After the initial concept drawing stage has set down some ideas these need to be developed into a final idea and composition in order to begin the final work or in the case of jewellery, the technical drawings. let's look at concepts and concept development for a single artwork. 

First up three very loosely drawn concept drawings.
In Pen. 
In Pen.

In Pen.

In Marker Pen.

Now developed further. 

In Pencil. 

In Marker Pens. 

Futher development lead to what I considered final works in Water Colour but more was to come. 

Water Colour and Ball Point Pen.

Water Colour and Ball Point Pen.

The final work was rendered in Digital by mixing Microsoft Paint with Gimp. The development in digital we will share on separately but her is the final work. (In far less resolution than the original.)

"An artwork is never completed, it is merely abandoned." - Da Vinci

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