Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Work Classification (Murals)

Amongst the work I have done, I have been involved in some large scale mural painting and sign writing. These projects are normally massive and take several days to complete, lengthy planning of logistics and cost a lot not just in labour but in materials. 

In 2011 I was asked to repaint this wall with the sign writing to be redone to suit the church's new branding colours. 

The wall is far larger than you'd think. A team came in and did the base colour but the technical aspect of the lettering was my job. I was determined to do a better quality job than the one before. 

The previous job was of fair quality, considering the distance the wall was going to be viewed from but the church built a new entrance and people were now to pass within two meters of the wall as well as see it from the distant main road. 

It took 4 people 3 days to complete two layers. 

A much higher level of neatness and the new colours were far more effective. 

Another job I was involved in and this due to my interest in rock climbing, was a precarious four storey tall mural at the Scibono Educational Venue in Newtown Johannesburg in 2012. I was asked to descend on ropes to reach the parts the scaffolding couldn't, primarily to paint clouds. I had to sign all kinds of disclaimers and was scared to death every time I crossed the threshold. The project was to depict and open pit mining scene. 

See me high up in the left hand corner preparing my descent. 

Here the sky is beginning to take shape. Again, the base colour was painted by a team using the scaffolding and long rollers but the cloud details needed an artistic touch so I was asked to rope in. 

This was truly the scariest and most physically demanding job I ever did. 

I was also asked to do some of the detailed work as part of my week long contract. I was subcontracted by the artist responsible, specifically for rope work, detail technical rendering and to fill in areas of the open pit mine background. 

Some more trucks. 

The view from the top. 

Unfortunately due to Scibono copyright and the fact that I did only parts of the project, I cannot post photos of the completed wall in its entirety. 

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