Thursday, 15 August 2013

Media (Water Colour 1)

I absolutely love water colour. Especially in the Aquarelle pencil form. It is a very quick technique that does demand some confidence and skill but can exhibit high levels of realism especially when combined with pencil and/or pen and ink. I always prefer the quick and confident techniques. Best result for smallest investment of time. 

This technique also lends itself to a progression from mere concept sketching to a more developed and even a completed work. 

Water colour pencil is combined with very feint pen and ink in this character analyzing illustration. 

 More pen and ink is present in this picture, drawn over a base layer of water colour.

A very simple water colour pencil illustration of a tree for a children's educational publication shows the level of realism attainable for very little effort.

High levels of fine detail are attainable however with water colour when applied properly as in this rendering of a Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant. 

Water colour pencil combines again with pen and ink for this tiara design rendering. 

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