Saturday, 24 August 2013

Work Stages (Concept Development 2)

Designing a piece of jewellery also requires stages of development leading to a final work which in this case is the actual piece of jewellery and not a final painting or picture. One also begins with rough concept sketches that the client views and chooses from. these are normally derived from a discussion or even extrapolating varying ideas from many pictures on google and in magazines. Sometimes one tries to capture a mood or a symbolic message inclusive of colours or other sentimental factors. Often men's jewellery will be bulkier and mor angular with straight edges and women's will be more delicate with rounded edges and lots of detail. But these are generalizations to a degree, one needs to "read" the client and be specific to them. This is easy when they know what they want and how much they want to spend.

Rough concepts drawn in pen for a client in a few minutes building up towards the final idea as the client's desires were understood and correctly interpreted. Notice the distinct development. 

A technical schematic explaining exact widths and sizes in order for the client to clearly understand what he is going to get and to cost the piece. 

A 3D sketch is the clearest way to help a client to "see"the piece in their mind's eye as technical drawing can be confusing. This one is done in water colour and pen and took about 20 minutes to do. 

A 3D rendering of the un-set piece done in Rhino CAD for the sake of learning the program. My hand drawing goes much quicker so I never used it again. 

The final piece in silver, set with garnets can be made for around R4500. 

Sometimes the concept development goes far quicker when the client knows what she wants and perhaps comes prepared with example pictures that can just be altered to suit her specific idea. This all happened on one page combining all the aspects in a few drawings. 

The final ring of the above design.

Sometimes this is all that is required when a long standing relationship exist between jeweller and client and they come to trust your eye for design and understanding of their needs. 

The proof is in the pudding. 

This is an easy enough concept design to understand.....

...the result (slightly altered) speaks for itself. Obviously the drawing was coupled with a written quote for gold, diamonds and labour. 

We hope this blog post helps our friends, fans and clients to understand the process behind our service and product. Hopefully they will also gain a greater scope of the skill and possibilities my experience brings to the table at a cost far below standard shops. 

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